LIFE & LIMB SAVING solutions by StaphOff:

StaphOff has developed a completely unique approach to fighting staphylococcal infections using a first-in-class heptapeptide known as RNAIII Inhibiting Peptide (RIP) or CEN-101, and non-peptide analogues like CEN-103.

These molecules:

(1) Interfere with the ability of staph bacteria to communicate with one another, a process known as quorum sensing

(2) Interfere with bacterial stress response mechanisms

Inhibiting these molecular pathways leads to preventing the bacteria from forming biofilms and from producing toxins. Such bacteria become non-pathogenic and can no longer cause disease. CEN-101 and CEN-103 are effective against all strains of S. aureus and S. epidermidis tested, including antibiotic resistant strains like MRSA, MRSE, GISA, GISE, VISA, VISE.