Operational Team

Dr. Naomi Balaban, PhD: Founder and acting CEO. Dr. Balaban is an inventor of the quorum sensing inhibitors and target molecules. Dr. Balaban is an internationally recognized scientist, is an author of over 50 publications and holds multiple patents.

Dr. Alan Laverson, PhD: Acting CFO: Dr. Laverson is currently the Technical Director of the Economics and Business Management Directorate of the Secretary of the Air Force’s office, Washington, D.C. Until 2011 he was an Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School.  He has Masters degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science, and earned his PhD at the RAND Graduate School. His expertise includes resource management and economic modeling.

Charles Mitchell, Marketing Specialist: Chuck has over 30 years of experience and demonstrated ability to “Field Focus” marketing plans to better meet customer needs and meet sales and profitability goals. Mr. Mitchell had been a Senior Sales Representatives at DADE Chemistry, ROCHE Diagnostic Systems, and Microgenics, holding key accounts and receiving multiple awards.


Florencia Lopez Leban, PhD, DVM: VP of Sales, Argentina. Dr. Lopez Leban, whos specialty is infectious diseases, received her DVM degree at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and PhD from University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2009. She had subsequently worked on quorum sensing and biofilms at Tuft University, MA. Upon returning to Argentina she is acting on StaphOff’s behalf to introduce the technology to South America.

Richard Breitling VP of Sales, SouthEast Asia: Mr. Breitling has been a technology consultant for over 30 years, with experience in computer/information technology, enterprise architecture, manufacturing and product design.  In 2010 he founded Med Innovations as an incubator for new medical technology and ideas, also providing medical services to hospitals/clinics and pursued biomedical applications.


Dr. Randall Wolcott MD, CWS: Dr. Wolcott is the founder and director of the Southwest Regional Wound Care Center in Lubbock, TX, and is a recognized leader in the anti-biofilm approach to clinical treatment of chronic wounds. His research at the Wound Care Center's Research and Testing Laboratories and his collaboration with biofilm experts in the wound care field have earned him international recognition. 

Dr. John P. Kennedy, R.Ph, PhD: Associate Professor (Pharmaceutics) at South University, and Vice President, Development. Southeastern Medical Technologies. His clinical and research efforts focus on diagnostic and treatment strategies for the biofilm phenotypes of chronic infection. Dr. Kennedy serves on numerous advisory panels including the Centers for Disease Control. In 2009, his research collaboration in Georgia and Texas was awarded “Best Clinical Studies Award” for advance wound care.

Dr. Donald Griffith, MD: Dr. Griffith is Professor of Urology at Baylor University Medical School and the Chief of Urology Services at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center [MEDVAMC] in Houston, TX.  Dr. Griffith holds 8 drug and device patents and is now focusing on the development of a urinary drainage device called the “Tissue Bonding Cystostomy” or TBC.  The TBC has been approved for Phase 1 human trials by FDA/CDRH.